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A game designed to help improve mental well-being by helping players build a daily habit of meditation. Every day you meditate, the game world grows and transforms. Build resilience to stress, experience calm and relaxation.


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Steam Rating : 96% with 450 reviews


“What makes Playne interesting is that it uses gaming conventions and reward systems to encourage you to keep coming back. Instead of just giving you a notification that says, “Hey, it’s time to meditate now!” it lets you watch your world grow and evolve” - Sprites and Dice

“It was the springboard to me meditating a few times a week.”
Rock Paper Shotgun

Playne appeared on PCGamer, Polygon and Rock Paper Shotgun  as part of the World Environment Day Sale Event on Steam in which Playne planted over 600 trees in California.


  • 97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne
  • 93% felt Playne helped them to build a daily habit of meditation
  • 97% found the meditations in Playne easy to learn and practice

Collected from over 800 player submitted feedback


  • Gameplay designed to help you build a daily habit of meditation
  • Learn and practice meditation, journaling and breath exercises
  • Build resilience to stress, experience calm and develop mental well-being
  • An effective strategy for anyone looking to start new, healthier habits


  • Grow and transform the game world with your meditations
  • Design and create your own meditation spaces in Sandbox Mode
  • Unlock effects that add depth & ambiance to the world
  • Control the weather & time to create your own immersive ambiances
  • Discover the story of Playne with Fox
  • Explore an immense open-world island in Evolve mode (end game unlock

Take Care of Your Mind & Well-Being

Meditation & Mindfulness: Playne has innovative meditation techniques as well as guided audio meditations, all of which has roots in effective traditional methods of meditation.

Mindful Journaling: An innovative tool that encourages you to write freely and openly, to encounter a quiet mind and resolve emotions and feelings.

Breath Exercises: Learn a range of breathing techniques that help to calm the mind and achieve clarity in times of stress.

Habit-Building Gameplay for Meditation

Everyday you meditate, you progress the gameplay and grow your game world. The gameplay of Playne is designed to help and assist you build a daily habit of meditation. Progress through a skills tree and unlock effects like fireflies and powers that control the weather and time.

Immersive & Customisable Nature Ambiance

Immerse yourself in nature, combine and choose the weather and time to create unique combinations of ambiences. Choose from a range of sceneries with it's own unique sound ambiances. Sit next to the campfire, or sit near the shore to hear the waves lapping against the rocks.

Experience the Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been shown to be an effective tool to help improve mental well-being by helping us to reduce stress and experience deep calm & relaxation. The full list of scientific research on meditation & mindfulness can be found here.

Meditation can also be a powerful way to better understand the parts that create our reality: our thoughts, perceptions, sensations and feelings. With this wisdom, we can live a more mindful life.

Plant a Living, Breathing Tree

Build a habit of Meditation, unlock evolve mode and plant an actual, living, breathing tree in California.

From the Developer

I'm Krish and I'm discovering ways in which video games can be used to leave a powerful, positive impact on lives, ease suffering and improve our well-being.

Playne is what it is today thanks to the feedback from the wonderful players who gave it a chance in early access. Thank you all.

Steam Key

When you purchase Playne on itch.io you will also receive a key for Steam. This means you can play Playne on both itch and Steam.

Player Reviews — 96% (450)

"I never would have considered to practise meditation if it wasn't for this game [...] this game actually helps me to come at ease whenever I need it and for that I am very grateful." - Sanugia

"After my first 10 minute session I felt like I woke up from a dream. Anxiety melted away. I will be using this every day." - Schofield

"Using this app is very calming when I have many assignments due and need to lessen my anxiety. Much recommended :)" - Yeti Nepotist

"Thank you for making this. It has changed my life, and made something so simple - so accessible." - Horizons96

"A wonderful tool/experience to help you learn to meditate and through meditation improve many aspects of your mind. I strongly recommend it for literally everyone [...]" - Fellfoe

"This game is relatively inexpensive compared to what it will give you to life." - Drodz

"I will definitely use these methods to help myself not only in critical moments but also in everyday life, just to make myself feel better" - Aga I My, Steam Curator

"before this app, I didn't meditate at all. Since I started meditating with Playne, I only missed one day over the last 60 days or so" - Drone-Ah

Made with ♥ in Scotland!


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