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Thank you for this beautiful  game. I have tried different methode of meditation, none of them stick until now : i am actually impatient to get in front of my PC to do it xD Do you still have plans for androids ? I would love to be able to use it out of my home (ended up using the same methode but with pen and paper x) )

In anycase thank you so much !

Hello there!  <3  I'm curious:  most of the seeds are white, but some of them are light blue (positive words?) and some of them are light red (negative words?)
I'm wondering if there's a reason for this, and also if there's any effect on the tree you're trying to grow.
Thank you for reading <3


You might be the first one to notice this :) and there are no affects (yet!) :)

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Does the tree die/restart if you don't feed it daily? I had my first one up to about 14% but then was exhausted the last couple days so didn't get to it and now it's back to 1% :( . I do really love this program, I'd like to use it a lot :) . I'm excited for the android release so that I can use it while I'm out.

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Rlgd, :( that shouldn't happen. Could you send me your email address you use to login to kno to hello /at\

i can't log in anymore? also theres no way to exit the program if it wont let you log in. i have to force close it wit halt+f4 every time because i cant get past the login screen.

Hey Glorms,

Had you been able to login before? 



glorms, I've just released an update that should fix this. Could you give it a try and see if you are able to login?

This is exciting!  I bought Playne on steam a while back and recently got this in the bundle.  I'm happy to find this page.  :)


I'm happy that you found this page :) Thanks for your support GunSage.

I would <3 a Linux release ;w;

I hope there will be a mac release one day, this game looks amazing.


I'd love to see an offline version in the future!


Have Playne and my fave thing is the writing meditation. :)  Discovering this little gem was a nice surprise. Thanks Krish!


Thank you Traveler :)

p.s is this the same Traveler?

As on Steam, indeed.

Oh wow, what a coincidence! glad you liked Kno :)


Thank you for making this, it's beautiful.


:) Happy that you are enjoying it


This looks so nice, i found you with the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality <3 can't wait for the mac release 

I keep getting an error about a missing dll file for the audio

:( Samd6, any chance you could share a screenshot or more info on what the error says? You can email me on krish (at)